Mathew Kneebone's Online Server
Operating hours, Mon-Sat: 08:30-00:00 PDT / Sun: offline (weekly maintenance)

Server Status: Offline

(Log): 203 day/s since last report.

Thu 10 Aug 2017 22:50:00 INFO: Server offline. Upgrading DELL system.
Mon 03 Oct 2016 17:26:22 EROR: Server offline. Crash during Ubuntu update. System startup failure.
Mon 15 Aug 2016 15:45:15 EROR: Server offline. Experiencing issues with DELL power adapter.
Tue 26 Jul 2016 08:50:24 EROR: Server offline. Currently troubleshooting unidentified issue.
Tue 06 Jul 2016 15:20:00 EROR: LCD display broken from accident. Server functioning normally.
Sun 19 Jun 2016 11:06:05 INFO: Installing various Ubuntu security updates and fixes.
Sat 18 Jun 2016 18:00:00 DBUG: Server crash from overheating, intermittent shut-down for cooling.
Thu 09 Jun 2016 11:45:07 INFO: Server restart following Ubuntu security updates.
Wed 18 May 2016 09:01:25 INFO: Server restart following Ubuntu security updates.
Fri 13 May 2016 09:35:19 INFO: Establishing a file sharing connection between Macbook and DELL.  
Thu 12 May 2016 21:08:37 DBUG: Unexpected system crash. Currently rebooting.  
Tue 03 May 2016 15:10:26 DBUG: Server offline. Correcting WiFi driver issues in Ubuntu terminal. 
Mon 02 May 2016 11:05:04 INFO: Installing various software updates for Ubuntu OS.  
Sun 01 May 2016 09:00:17 DBUG: Virtual Machine installation failure. Migrating to Ubuntu OS.
Sun 24 May 2016 11:47:18 INFO: Migrating the server to Linux through virtual machine.  
Sun 24 Apr 2016 23:58:05 DBUG: Failed to install apache gallery on Windows 10.  
Sun 24 Apr 2016 22:20:33 INFO: Installing apache gallery for thumbnail previews.  
Fri 22 Apr 2016 19:07:38 INFO: Installing and testing auto shutdown and start-up software.  
Fri 15 Apr 2016 15:10:26 INFO: Server offline. 11:00 and 16:00 due to Windows 10 system updates. 
Mon 11 Apr 2016 15:10:26 INFO: Populating the archive.  
Sat 09 Apr 2016 08:30:00 INFO: Hello World! Updates/errors with the DELL will be reported here.


    "Mathew Kneebone in Conversation with Tim Hunkin" September 2017 Editorial for Signals from the Periphery
    "Museum for Moving Practice: Auras" 10 August-31 August 2017 Group exhibition at Design Museum Ghent Jan Breydelstraat 5, Ghent (BE)
    "Mon Oncle" 23 July-27 August 2017 Group exhibition at Museum fur Zeichnung Hunningen 183, Bullingen (BE)
    "Technological Life Cycles" August 2017 Editorial for J-L TF Press: Real-time Realist #1
"completeCV.txt" (i)nfo: Mathew Kneebone (US/AU) is interested in electrical innovation and the cultural mechanisms that end-users adopt to cope with its change. His research correlates technical-complexity, malfunction, and user- anxieties with mythology, superstition, and science fiction. This manifests through writing and drawing which informs the creation of his electronic installations and performances. He completed his MFA from the Werkplaats Typografie in 2014 before participating at the Jan van Eyck Academie. He has given talks and workshops internationally at the AA School, London UK (2011); Kunstverein, Amsterdam NL (2015); Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam NL (2015); San Serriffe, Amsterdam NL (2016); and O.O.R., Zurich CH (2015); and has shown work at Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp BE (2014); Sitterwerk, St. Gallen CH (2015); Typojanchi Biennial, Seoul KR (2015-2016); amongst others. studio(@) 1460 Davidson Ave San Francisco, CA 94124 United States
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